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About Counselling. Calm mind with wording

About My Counselling

For years I have been on a journey of discovering who I am, what is my purpose in life and where I fit in. Counselling, Psychotherapy and talking have been an important part of this journey.

Talking to someone else in a secure and safe envronment can bring about profound changes within. I have seen this time and time again. There may be things you have never felt able to discuss with another; thoughts and feelings that you may not be clear about, things that you feel may be holding you back from enjoying life. I have helped individuals, couples and families with a variety of mental health diagnoses enhance their quality of life, begin talking, and go on to enjoying life again. You will be able to talk in a safe, secure and confidential environment.

About Counselling. Before you judge me

Every person is valuable

I believe every individual is valuable, deserving of love, respect and happiness. Sometimes we doubt this in ourselves and can be weighed down by unhelpful worries, or thoughts of the past and future. Our minds can become very busy and noisy, often believing in the negative thoughts and getting in the way of who we are. I believe in people's ability to be the best they can be.
We will work together to discover who you are and address whatever it is you feel you need to. Assisting you to be in a place where you feel respected, loved and accepted for the real you, we will work towards you being the person you want to be.

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I have worked for over 15 years with individuals who experience difficulties with addiction. I am aware of the difficulties that can be caused to both the indivual addicted and their loved ones. I work with people who are abstinent and wish to maintain this and also work with people who are in active addiction. I offer one to one and group support for both the person experiencing addiction, family members and significant others.

About Counselling. Autism


I understand the challenges and joys faced by the person with Autism, the parents, guardians and significant others that live with Autism. There are a number of approaches I use to assist my practice including Positive Behavioural Support, social stories, sensory and visual aids. However, my interest is for the individual person. Building a rapport and getting to know the individual is what I believe works best. If you want to find out more about how I might be able to help please contact me.

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